Questions for June 3 : “Bi-furious Pride” with Elle Dowd

These questions will guide our small group discussion.

  1. In your upbringing, were faith and your body connected or disconnected? How so? Are there particular stories you can tell or messages you received around the body or sexuality that you embrace or want to distance from?

2. Where have you found “counter-narratives” about sexuality, the body, and spirituality? Is Pride one of those for you? Have you ever thought of Pride through the lens of spirituality?

3. Has there ever been a time that you felt alienated from your body? What contributed to this alienation? What was that like? What places, experiences, or things help you feel most connected to your body? What parts of your body feel particularly holy, divine, or spiritual today?


Author: Mike Angell

The Rev. Mike Angell is rector of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis.