Be part of the Conversation for Theology on Tap with Dr. James Croft

One of the things we miss most about Theology on Tap in person is the back and forth discussion. In the pandemic online world, we can still hear from speakers, but it has been hard to create room for discussion. We want to invite you to recreate that space with us.

For the discussion, we want to ask two things of you:


Use the comments on Youtube or Facebook to share your thoughts and ask a question. We know, we know, midwesterners hate drawing attention to themselves, but we have designed this format specifically so we can hear from you. Please think of a question beforehand, ask during the presentation.


Consider creating your own “table” to talk with friends after the presentation. You could use ZoomGoogle Meet, Facebook Rooms, or your own favorite video chat. Invite a group of friends to watch with you (live, or later on), and sign in to talk.

Here are the discussion questions. Who do you want to talk with?

  1. Where do you locate yourself on the religious spectrum, especially vis a vis the “God” question? What beliefs about God don’t work for you? What beliefs about God are very important to you? Are you an “evangelist” for your viewpoint?
  2. In the midst of covid, what have you learned about community? How important is “congregating” or being a part of a congregation? What matters about it for you?
  3. Mike and James have very different starting places around “belief,” but often run into one another while working for justice. What motivates you to “get out into the streets?” Are there core commitments that have to do with your religious, spiritual, or philosophical understandings?